Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summertime gone already

Boy, I can't believe school time is just around the corner again. Where does the time go? Dan will be taking a few classes here at EAC so he is excited. That and it's Cathy's first year in college, so she is nervously excited. She is doing very well. Her surgery went very well, and she is healing nicely. Still has to be careful and not lift heavy things and kinda take it easy, but everything seems to be good. No more problems we hope.
Dan had a nice visit back home. Always too quick, but it was good for him to be able to visit with his family and friends. His dad is doing better so we hope he continues to heal and not have any more difficulties. A few days ago we learned that his grandma was in the hospital with some heart troubles but seems to be doing better also. So it's been a little crazy with one thing after another it seems like, but it could always be worse. We were thinking about trying to look at moving back there to be a little closer to help out, but now's not the right time. Maybe after the baby is born. We'll see what happens.
Other than that things are going alright. Mom and dad have been in Alpine for a few days, so we stayed here at the house with Cathy to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't get into too much trouble. haha