Sunday, September 14, 2008

Surviving another crazy week!!!

Well, this has definately been quite the year...Not sure if it is going to slow down...hehe. Last week my Grandma Barney had an aneurysm. She has been in the hospital and the Dr's were saying it didn't look good. She has been pretty sedated but they finally did surgery this last Thursday. They gave her a 50/50 shot basically. Luckily after 6hrs of surgery, she came through it just fine. Surprisingly well. The Dr's were all pretty amazed how well she did. When she woke up, she recognized my aunt that was there right away, and answered the questions the dr's asked w/o any problems. So she definately beat the odds. But with all the blessings and fasting and prayers on her behalf, it has truely made a difference. The Lord was kind enough to let us keep her here a little longer. She will still be in the hospital for several more days, but things are looking up.
As far as the rest of us, we are all doing well. Taylor is learning and growing more and more everyday. She's a smart lil thing. hehe we had started taking her to nursery a couple of weeks ago, so she seems to pretty well in there. It makes it a little tough sometimes, because we have church at 11, so it kinda gets in the way of her nap, making for fun times. She usually falls asleep on the way home from church. Poor thing. But it's been really good for her to get to be around and interact with other kids.
We had a few changes this last week at church, as they took part of our ward and put them in another ward. Kinda sad losing so many good families, but it was needed. Our ward was just too big. So needless to say Sacrament Mtg today had lots of ward business. I was released from YW's, hoping to get a little break these last few months before our new arrival, but not to be so. I am now in the Primary. Honestly I almost cried when the Bishop asked me. hehe but it will be a good change. Luckily Taylor is in Nursery now, so that will help out in that respect. I think I will be one of the Valiant 12 teachers. Not quite sure yet. But I will find out for sure this week when they bring me my lesson manual. It will be a little interesting once the baby gets here, but we will figure it out.
Dan is still a teacher in the EQ. So he enjoys that. He's staying busy with school and work, so mostly staying out of trouble. hehe Have to keep on him sometimes to get his homework done, but he's usually pretty good about doing it. His job is going pretty well, so always having tomatoes and cucumbers has been nice. I made some pickles a few months ago from them and got to try them last month, and they turned out rather well. I need to make some more. We've made some salsa too, and that was pretty good. We've been trying to get our food storage going, so all this definately helps. We bought some rice and beans a lil while ago, so I will be going this week to the canery to get it canned. I just hope there are some boys there to help cuz I'm not touching those 50 & 100 lb bags. hehe Selfish I know, but I really don't feel like going into early labor. Call me crazy. Only 12 and 1/2 weeks left!!!! Crazy, it's gone relatively fast. But definately getting to the stage where it's getting a lil difficult to do some things.