Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone!!! Yes, it has been a while. It has been crazy as usual here. The time has just gone by so fast I can't believe it. This year isn't going to slow down at all either I'm afraid. Taylor is growning a lil more every day. It's fun to see how much she is learning. She is definately getting to her terrible twos and thinking she needs to throw tantrums. It's kinda funny sometimes. The other day she got upset about something, and I was in the bathroom, so she walks down the hall with her little wimper, looking for me, and once she did, she throws herself onto the floor onto her back and starts fussing "like woe is me..." hehe I had to try not to laugh. She is a cutie though. Definatley has her own personality. (She finally has a little bit of hair I can do something with. hehe
Sam is growing, and getting cuter every day. She looks a lot like Taylor did. She's had kind of a hard week. We have been in the hospital almost a week now with her. She got rsv. Poor thing, she has been a real trouper and fighter. She is doing much better, but is pretty hoarse and sore from them having to suction out her nose and such, and from crying. This morning found she is a little anemic, so it will be at least tomorrow or Saturday before she will get to come home. Poor Taylor has had a hard time with it too, and gets upset every time we have to leave her somewhere to go watch the baby. It has been a tough week for all of us, but thanks to wonderful family and friends, we have made it through a lot easier. Thanks to all of you who have offered prayers in her behalf. We love you.
Well, Dan is busy with work, and trying to get things worked out to attend grad school in the fall. So BIG change!!! If he gets accepted, we will be moving to Charleston, South Carolina...(yikes!!) Kinda bitter sweet, excited about new experiences and new place, etc...but its a looong ways from home. We would be a lil closer to Dan's parent's but still a lil bit of a drive. About 6hrs, which means with kids, about 7hrs. So we will see what happens with that. But it looks like he has the possibility of an assistantship, which would give us a place to live & pay a little bit, plus help pay tuition. So it is slowly coming together. So you all will have to come visit us and we will go to the beach!
So over all we are doing well. Taking it one day at a time. But considering everything going on in the world, we have been very blessed. Dan hasn't been really affected job wise, which is nice. Life is ok. We are surviving. Hehe


Marisa and Rob Rasmussen said...

Sounds like you guys have had a busy year so far!!! I'm glad Sam is feeling better :) Ya, the terrible 2's have hit us way too early and it drives me crazy!!!!! She is so sassy these days and does not listen worth nothing, and she does the samething Taylor does, throwing tantrums!!!! We laugh too, becasue it's so funny to watch them throw thierselves on the floor and cry for no reason.

I'm sad that you will prbably move :( But you got to do what you got to do right!? That is still a looong way's from home though :( Good luck with everything and we will talk to you later.

Jeremy and Cindy Hunt said...

Hope things slow down a little for you and that Samantha gets to come home soon if she is not already. Taylor was a perfect little angel when she was here the other day.